Your Garden

Whether you prefer your garden to be neatly trimmed or enjoy the ‘wild thing’, all gardens need controlling.  Failure to do so, results in those dreaded ‘weeds’ appearing left,right and ‘smack’ in the centre.

Although we may all feel we know what a ‘weed’ is, each garden owner tends to have a different list.  For example some people banish ivy and others actively encourage it.  To understand your needs, we always visit the garden first, and listen carefully to your requirements.

We have a flexible attitude, everyone has different ideas and uses of their space.  Afterall, it is your garden.

Don’t panic

Rest assured, if you don’t know the latin ‘thingy me jiggy’ names or when to prune your ‘brussel sprouts‘, we do!

We offer a high quality, horticultural based garden maintenance service.  We don’t compromise on getting the best outcome for your garden.

Mixed herbaceous planting in Middleton, Pickering

Can’t be much to do in the Winter?

Winter really is the best time for a gardener to get serious.  When the garden is largely dormant, it’s much easier to tackle larger projects.

Mixed planting in front garden, York

I hope it’s not raining this weekend!