Design Process – Step by step

To create a garden that is just right for the you, it is essential to plan carefully.  The ‘design process’ is simply a series of logical steps, it allows for your input and alterations if needed.  Ultimately a ‘master’ plan is created, which makes sense of the space and you are happy with.

Fiona in show garden - Exploring Biophilia

Nice to meet you

At the first meeting, it’s a bit of Q & A session, we need to find out who you are and about your lifestyle.

We will listen to your ideas,  and ask for a rough idea of budget.  It will involve a walk around the garden / site to discuss any problems areas.  To consider the gardens potential and thoughts on how you would like it to develop.

This information will be recorded by Fiona (our designer) in order to write the client brief.

Garden measurements

Lovely paperwork

We will measure your garden, and we mean everything!  We will record external elements e.g. sun, shade, windy areas, fences, hedges, slopes, dry & damp areas. We will consider the character of your home and the surrounding environment.  We will dig a soil test pit, check water drainage, (we’re not panning for gold!).

This will be written up in a legal document, the client brief – the contract.  We will ask you to read this thoroughly and if you are satisfied, to sign your agreement.

Great Ayton Sketch Design

A bit of sketching

Hey presto, having cogitated a while, ideas are sketched and a design is created.

This is a hand drawn sketch design of the designer’s initial ideas.  Drawn to scale, this outline plan is a response to the client brief, the site survey and analysis.

This will be presented during a meeting, to consider the solutions and to hear your feedback and input into the design of your garden.

To make an appointment

Feeling inspired to rejuvenate your garden, want to realise the possibilities?

For a friendly informal chat, please contact us 

Armley Mills, Leeds - Master Plan

Garden strategy

The future strategy or plan for your garden is encapuslated in the ‘master plan’.  A hand drawn final plan drawn to scale prepared with relevant ‘sections’ (or detailed parts for clarity).

This your garden design, it will show details of proposed paths and paving, boundaries and the character of the planting.

Construction detail, poured concrete bay

Technical details

When necessary ‘construction details’ will be issued to a landscaper.

At this stage landscape contractors will be consulted , you may have someone already lined up, for the project.  They will be invited to submit written quotations to you for the cost of constructing the garden.

Planting plan - Exploring Biophilia

Plant sourcery

Taking into account a host of different factors and using our extensive plant knowledge we will create a detailed planting plan.  This will indicate individual species, characteristics and if required maintenance details.

The plan will  give clear and precise planting guides, which the designer and team will implement in your garden.

Plants will be sourced from a variety of nurseries and may include some homegrown stock.

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