Plant selection – it’s a mystery

Flowers at the garden centre are like a box of chocolates, which one will you choose?

Information bombardment

We all have marketing messages, data and adverts coming at us from all angles, 24/7.  Information overload, can wear us down.

When it comes to selecting plants, especially in a packed garden centre.  Often ‘stuffed to the gunnels’ with this, that and the other, it can all become rather confusing.  Most plants on sale often have helpful little plastic tags, but no real guide as to what the symbols mean.

Most people are attracted to and buy plants which have open flowers, perfectly reasonable.  We should buy what we like!  And most plants are supplied in a similar small range of pot sizes, and so…


Hanging basket Plants
Colourful hanging basket at a client’s garden

How big does it grow?

There are trees that grow just a few centimetres and others that tower like Cathedrals above us.  It’s useful to be able to make an informed plant purchase, pre-armed with knowledge, to ensure your new purchase will ‘fit’ into your garden.  Right plant, right size, right location.

Knowing about plant sizes is essential to ensure that ‘monumental’ mistakes are avoided.  No-one wants a plant, that wants to conquer the ‘world’ growing in their back garden.   Equally well, we don’t want something so dimunitive, that we can’t see it.   At Damson House designs, we use our experience of how large plants will grow to select the appropriate size for the location.  We are all familiar with ‘gigantic’ Leylandii hedges blotting out he sun and being a bit of a nuisance, wiser choices can be made!


Photinia compacta 'Red Robin'
A popular choice – Photinia compacta ‘Red Robin’


Planting Design

Putting a design to ‘paper’ allows us to locate plants according to their mature size,  spacing them to avoid congestion.

Using our extensive knowledge of different plants, be they flowering perennials, shrubs or trees allows us to create a garden that makes ‘sense’.  Where movement is allowed and you can see your garden.  Where there is space, to sit a while, and just relax…

Planting harmony
Planting harmony in our show garden